Watch Monster Mania 1980s trucks car crushing Bearfoot Taurus


Enjoy Monster Mania: This Is A Entertaining Search At The Monster Truck Entire world In 1986!

Watch Monster Mania: This Is A Fun Look At The Monster Truck World In 1986!

Yes, this is a person of all those great 1980s VHS transfers that we all adore so considerably around here. Before DVDs and streaming, and YouTube (ironically) there had been confined channels to air stuff on. That intended that there was a enormous viewers of people, specifically motorsports fanatics that had been pining to see their preferred mechanical mayhem on their Television set sets and there was only a person way for them to get it. Getting VHS tapes. I don’t forget obtaining catalogs of these things as a kid. You bought one particular and for several years to adhere to you received the regular monthly glance at what ever firm you acquired the first just one from.

Monster vans videos produced people Hundreds of dollars back again in the 1980s. Potentially not the drivers and entrepreneurs instantly but unquestionably the generation properties that were being cranking them out. Low-priced to make and plentiful, they had been all over the place and fortunately many of them landed underneath my Christmas tree or in the mailbox escalating up. This was not one particular of them.

The video you are about to see showcases some of the coolest lumbering monsters of the 1980s and some of the facet thrill autos as well. Crashing autos through…other autos is amazing, mud bogging, truck pulling, and far more are highlighted here.

Today’s monster truck reveals are extra remarkably developed and all of that but who cares. This stuff is improved. By a lot.

Push participate in beneath to see Monster Mania a 30-moment romp of 80s fun –

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