Brick And Motor Table Saw Delivers Paper Cuts On Demand


Twenty Two Motors. Fifty gears. Eighty Two Hundred RPM. Hundreds of unique parts, and a person sheet of glossy paper minimize into a disk. This is not a nightmare driven Rube Goldberg equipment. Instead, it is a Lego monstrosity established by [GazR] of [GazR’s Extreme Brick Machines!], and all of these pieces are flying in development for a person Lego slicing objective. In the video clip below the split, you can see what really perfectly may be the worlds most strong Lego and Paper desk observed.

Beginning out with a construct that had a mere fourteen motors in a platform that seemed very a whole lot more like a table observed, [GazR] realized that possessing only fourteen motors turning a Lego based mostly blade was not a great blend. In the up coming iteration, the same range of motors have been used, but the gearing was improved to convey RPM up, and a Lego toy observed blade took treatment of chopping responsibilities.

Viewing that larger speeds with thinner blades was a successful craze, [GazR] stepped it up to the aforementioned 8200 RPM 20-two motored paper whirling Lego Demise Device. Yes, [GazR] reduce Lego, carrots, carpet, and paper- all with circular sheet of paper.

Do Lego mechanisms switch your gears? You could possibly love this Legopunk Orrery from the Hackaday archives, as well. Many thanks to [Keith] for the fantastic tip. Be confident to submit your own strategies by way of the Hackaday Strategies Line, or the #Post-A-Tip channel in the Hackaday Discord server.

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